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EMMETT 4 Horses Feedback

17 October 2019
Edith Allan

Australian National Tour- EMMETT 4 Horses

27 May 2020
Australian National Tour- EMMETT 4 Horses

Why are the EMMETT Short Courses Important?

22 May 2019
Sarah Leagas – West Australia 

EMMETT Technique in New Zealand

13 March 2019
EMMETT4Horse Instructors & Practitioners Rebecca Cooper and Gayle Jewson enjoying their time at the Land rover Horse of the Year show in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.

Happy Dogs in Darwin

12 October 2017
Astrid Haase

My gratitude to Ross & Tony is a tad huge

19 September 2017
Chris Price, UK

EMMETT 4 Dogs (and Wombats)

07 September 2017
For all creatures, Great and Small....

Amazing outcome for one very lucky pup...

23 May 2016
and they say only cats have 9 lives....Great outcome for Benoir the Greyhound

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