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The Therapy of Stories by Ross Emmett

The Therapy of Stories by Ross Emmett

Ross's New Book

Stories take us on a journey, spark imagination and bring forth a wide range of emotions from joy to sadness and sometimes everything in between. Gifted storytellers inspire, entertain, share information and deliver a message while holding their audience in the palm of their hands.

In the Therapy of Stories Ross Emmett shares over 20 of his most thought provoking stories he has used in his 35 years in clinical practice. Ross is known for telling stories to give his students and clients the opportunity to empower themselves, take control of their lives and make changes that allow them to move forward both physically and emotionally.

Containing some of Ross’s most loved and repeated stories including Thomas The Tank Engine, Puppy Love and The Rose; each story contains Ross’s thoughts and insights into the message behind the story.

In Ross’s own words, why he has found so much value in storytelling:

Why My Stories

I became aware at a young age of how I couldn’t rely on my ability to record information in written words so I would retain the information by remembering it in picture form.

It was in my teens I found enjoyment going into the Australian Outback and mixing with the old bushies - the local men who live in remote areas of Australia. I would sit listening to their stories of the bush and their experiences. These men had limited education but had the art of telling a good bush yarn (story).

It always surprised me how many emotions these storytellers were able to trigger off in any one story and how often I could relate it to my own life and find a solution using the same story base.

As a therapist, I have always been aware that your results need more than the mechanical moves. I am also aware of the power of words. The words are even more powerful when collected in a story form. These stories are meant to stimulate both emotions and imagination. A good storyteller can induce many different emotions in people. These differences can create physical changes and often help many to see a better outcome in a previously unresolved situation.

The small group of stories that have been printed within this book are a sample of the ones I have used for my clients and students, giving them options to empower themselves, take control of their lives and make changes that allowed them to cope with the future. Just like a bush yarn, the stories here are based in truth and I haven’t let the details get in the way of the underlying message of the story.  I believe it would be to the advantage of all therapists to look at the value of words to assist their clients and have a stronger, longer lasting result from any therapy.

There is no ‘one great story for every situation’. What I do believe though, is that every day we experience moments that shape who we are. If we can find a way to share those moments in word form we have the ability to help change people’s lives for the better.

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