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EMMETT New Zealand

On behalf of Ross Emmett and the International HQ team, we are pleased to confirm that courses will be offered in New Zealand on a regular basis by Emmett Instructor, Tim Donehue and Tutor Simone Fiest. 

To assist our commitment to sharing the technique in New Zealand, we would appreciate if you could advise us of your interest in attending these courses.  New and reviewing students welcome and early bird discounts will apply. 


Upcoming New Zealand Courses:  Click here for NZ courses...

  • Mod 1 & 2                                 27/28 March
  • Short Course (EMM-Tech)      4 April
  • Mod 1 & 2                                 22/23 May
  • Module 3                                  28/29 March
  • Module 3                                  23/24 May
  • Module 4                                  24/25 May 


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