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One Emmett changing result for Talia.

The Recovery/Rescue move in action...

Our Daughter Talia has Retts Syndrome.  We live on a cattle station near Augathella in Queensland, which is a bit over 900kms from the closest major city of Brisbane, where Talia's specialists are. Talia wears a second skin which is a compression garment to give her sensory feedback through her body. A few weeks ago, she was in her standing frame watching the wiggles. I looked over and...

Relieving the symptoms of Cerebral Palsy

Zara's life made easier

 At a recent training course in Melbourne we were able to witness Ross treat a young girl called Zara with Cerebral Palsy. The parents had hoped that her left leg could be 'freed up' to allow her to have better opportunity to learn to walk as the spasticity in her leg would not allow the ankle to flex & the leg was predominantly straight. Crawling that we witnessed was more like...

Clearing Double Vision!

One of my Emmett clients who lives at Yorkeys Knob as I do, text me over a year ago about a neighbour that had had a fall off a push bike. She wanted to know if there was anything I could do to help. I really had no idea if I could, but she only lived around the corner from me so I popped over for a quick look. The poor lady had been suffering double vision since the accident and just before I...

Paralysed face now moving!

25 year old ecstatic

A lovely girl of 25 came to visit me by word of mouth via a friend in Bundaberg. Madeleine has had trouble with a benign tumour in her jaw bone, which was removed and then returned with a vengeance. This time the Dr decided the complete right jaw bone was to be removed, and replaced with Madeleine's fibula from her left leg with skin grafts from her to used to 'patch up' her face. The right...

Free from years of pain

I haven't been able to turn like that since I was 11, That's amazing!

A quote I heard today from a client that comes to the clinic for maintenance treatments every month. When she first came, her lower back was so painful that standing up and sitting down on a chair or bed was excruciating and she was so scared to move without being careful. " I'm so excited Amanda. I am thinking of all the things I can do now that I was too scared to do before I started coming...

Freedom for the new born Bethany

Baby Bethany's release

A message left on voice mail of an Emmett Therapist.....'I needed some help with my newborn Bethany. She's sleeping favouring one side and getting a bit of a flat spot so I'd like to see if there's something inhibiting her from being comfortable in other positions. She's also only rolling one way (which I know can be perfectly normal but she's only been rolling one way for a month!).' After...

Massage table not needed!

I commenced Emmett Therapies with QR Rockhampton Depot in January 2011 on a ‘reduce time off work due to injury’ program. My service with the locomotive and wagon maintenance crew was one day a fortnight and worked in conjunction with an attending physiotherapist. The work with QR/Aurizon was extremely rewarding though I did find it a challenge at the beginning. I was assigned the small...

Surprised and Impressed

Muscle Memory versus Nerve functioning

I had my most impressive experience with the Emmett Technique when I treated Maria, an elderly lady in my clinic. Her friend Julie as well as her carer and a translator accompanied her. As Maria was hardly able to speak Julie told me that 6 months ago the nerves in Marias right side of her body had started to die off. Maria had difficulties in walking, to find balance when she was standing,...

EMM-Tech is definitely the way forward

...the results were remarkable and instant

Hi, I did the short course EMM-Tech training a few weeks ago and I can feel the difference. I have had an intermittent long standing back / groin discomfort on my left side. Only this time rather than improving it was getting worse. I was frustrated as I was prevented from doing yoga poses as well on my left side as on my right. I could feel the hip bone on occasion as if it was grinding in...

Raging Success

A little community Spirit goes a long way

I am still feeling the effects of The Festival of the Knob yesterday, over & over. It starts when feel the muscle pain in my body and fingers from the 40+ people I treated yesterday, closely followed by the exhilaration of treating 40+ people. Then I get the warm and fluffies because you always hope for a great outcome when you do something out of the ordinary but when you actually receive...


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