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Instructor Training - Bluewater Training Centre

Instructor Training - Bluewater Training Centre, North Queensland, January 2010

Our annual teachers training at Bluewater Townsville has started again. We bring the instructors to north Queensland at the hottest time of year so they can appreciate the tropical surroundings we enjoy.

This year the training days are running over 2 separate times in January and February. The January training saw 3 International and 2 Australian instructors participate in the retreat-style training with Ross, Karen & Lynda (Promotions & Newsletter).

Business and Administration was an important part of the agenda with decisions being made to build a stable base for the future of Emmett Therapies worldwide.

Discussions for filming of video clips, advertising brainstorming, professional promotion opportunities and the fun aspects of tutoring Emm-Tech had everyone living & breathing Emmett techniques for the full 4 days.
Time out was allowed only for eating and a quick dip in the local waterhole.

Sleeping was optional before midnight.

Special mentions of our time together include - -

  • Thomas Williams, the trainee Instructor who travelled all the way from Germany to set up a mass Skype down load in our training room after hours.
  • Yanet Roubicek, the Tasmanian coordinator who braved the North Qld heat to help with promotions yet again.
  • Rick Cuthbert, the NSW Instructor with the best reminders why we should all read Emm-Chat & great advertising ideas.
  • Regi Scherrer, one of the Head Instructors overseas for representing the blonde and European communities & unique finger artwork (watch for the new artwork for Emmett adverts).
  • Astrid Haase, the trainee Instructor from Germany for attending her first teachers training and reminding us all why we started this journey in the first place.
  • Lynda Mullamphy, the Promotions and Emm-Chat editor who presented us with the business concepts, potential for growth & the insights into working with Ross in clinic

PS. Also to Debbie Keighran, the trainee Instructor who visited one night with home grown eggs for our Impossible Pie (Recipe in this Emm-Chat , Story in previous Emm-Chat).

To all who attended - your participation, support & wholehearted enthusiasm is the motivation we use to strive for the progress and recognition of Emmett therapists everywhere. Our heartfelt thanks.

Ross & Karen

Look out for the follow-up to this article once we welcome the 2nd wave of passionate participants who will be joining us in mid- February.