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Instructor Training – Bluewater Training Centre, North Queensland, February 2010

Following on from the article in the latest issue of EmmChat, annual teachers' training at Bluewater, Townsville, continued in February with instructors coming from as far afield as the United Kingdom.

Ross and Karen once again hosted their visitors at their beautiful Bluewater retreat in idyllic, tropical surrounds. The sparkling Bluewater Creek, which runs next to the retreat, was in full flow after the recent rain. The instructors took full advantage, by enjoying a 'one in all in dip' – a great way to relax after a full day's bodywork.

The February training involved special sessions for the Instructors who also participated in the Module 2 & 3 training days which were incorporated over the 3 day period. Ross found new ways to ensure the Instructors continued to stretch their learning and appreciate new aspects in the art of teaching the technique. The participants on the Mod 2 & 3 course commented on the wonderful learning opportunity gained from having one on one access to the instructors throughout their training.

'Passion' was the topic of conversation when Ross conducted sessions with the instructors discussing the future for Emmett Therapies and the expansion of Emmett worldwide.

The sessions centered on how to best teach the Technique whilst gaining the understanding that the therapy involves much more than just a sequence of moves. As well as fine-tuning the techniques of the instructors, he stressed the importance of needing to be aware of people's different learning styles and to consequently adapt their teaching to the individual.

Everyone was inspired to "keep it fun" and to "enjoy" the process. And what do the participating instructors have to say:-

-Tim Donehue, Emmett Instructor Vic, SA, TAS, WA, "Once again, the annual instructor training at Bluewater has been an invaluable experience. Time shared with Ross, Karen and the other instructors to refine and improve the way each of us teach Ross's technique in the way it is intended is becoming increasingly important as we spread this technique around the world. Enjoy the experience of attending courses from any of the instructors Ross has put trust in, I hope to make it to a few myself."

-Colleen Kelly, Emmett Instructor, Brisbane, Queensland, "Being a new kid on the block as far as Emmett training goes, I felt I learnt so much. I am very excited about teaching Emmett! Even though I have been a teacher for 30-odd years, Ross renewed my appreciation of people's learning styles and fine tuned my understanding of the technique. The course could have been heavy going, but because of the different personalities of the students it was a pleasurable and positive experience."

- Sue Gassick, the newly appointed Instructor from the UK. "Ross's Instructor Training workshop in February was a wonderful learning experience for everyone - the trainee instructors and the Module 3 students. The job of an instructor is to assist each student to gain the best understanding of the technique and that means adapting the style of instructing to the student's learning strategy – and we didn't always get it right! But we all had fun learning about "mirrors and mimickers", "picture learners" and "feelers", plus much much more. Thanks Ross!"

- Debbie Keighran, Emmett Instructor, North Queensland. "I really enjoyed the week-end because it was my first hands on instructor training and it was great to have Ross there to watch over us. I also got a lot of learning out of observing the others teach. It gave me confidence to see that I was amongst equal peers. Fantastic weekend, I recommend that we do it at least once a year to maintain our teaching standards and networking relationships". - Lynda Mullamphy, Emmett Practitioner & EmmChat Co-ordinator. "The future of Emmett Therapies is exciting when in the hands of passionate people. The joy for me was watching the instructors switch-on to the understanding of the potential for growth, fun and the continued learning Ross and the Emmett Technique offer. It was a wonderful opportunity to share my experience of working with Ross in his clinic. Ross is an amazing teacher and I was inspired by how he was teaching the Mod 2 & 3 students at the same time as the instructors – the learning was on all levels. Thank you Ross."

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