Sue Black

Sue Black

Sue Black
Brisbane (Dakabin)
0409 589 011
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Bowette provides natural drug free techniques and alternative therapies developed here in Australia.

The Emmett Technique and Bowen Therapy are offered in addition to Remedial Massage and an electronic device called ENAR therapy is also used.

I was impressed by how these treatments helped me during a period of constant pain following an accident, I decided to learn these techniques to assist others.

Clients experience a personalized combination of these special therapies during each visit as needed, with extremely positive results – the Bowette Facebook page has the testimonials for you to view. As a Professional Health Carer offering a range of effective drug free treatments I will always strive to provide the best care possible, though I will not hesitate to refer a client if I believe their complaint needs to be examined by another field of expertise.


  • Head Office: 5/34 Primrose Street
    Townsville, QLD, Australia, Queensland

  • PO Box 564 Belgian Gardens
    Townsville QLD Australia 4810

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