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Strong Hold in the UK

Update from the UK

Emmett Technique hits Ireland! Last week, Sue Gassick and Debbie Kinley travelled to Ireland to put on the first ever Practitioner training in Ireland. The course was held in a small town called Kinnegad, which is in central Ireland - that is, equally inaccessible for just about everyone!

We had twelve students, almost all of whom had already taken an Emm-Tech course, and the feedback was really positive, with a lot of inter┬Čest in putting together more Emm-Techs and another professional course further south.

In England, we are establishing a base in Birmingham, which is again in the centre of the country. Judith Johnson and Liz James have been running some very successful Emm-Tech courses both in Wales and in the South West of England and so demand is growing for more Practitioner courses there as well. This month, 21 students will take Module 6 of the professional course and the first TBT course is being run in Scotland. Recognition by the therapy associations is growing too: last month we had a short piece published in "The International Therapist", which is the magazine of the Federation of Holistic Therapists - the largest professional therapy organisation in the country.

They included a piece on their website, which is available for all their members to view.

Andy Eckley, shortly to take Module 6 of Emmett, is co-ordinating a visit by Steve and Kath Rochford next summer to bring Equine Muscle Management to England: contact him on for further details.

I think it is fair to say that Emmett Therapies has a strong foothold in these Islands

Debbie Kinley
Emmett Therapies Co-ordinator, UK

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