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One Emmett changing result for Talia.

One Emmett changing result for Talia.

The Recovery/Rescue move in action...

Our Daughter Talia has Retts Syndrome.  We live on a cattle station near Augathella in Queensland, which is a bit over 900kms from the closest major city of Brisbane, where Talia's specialists are.

Talia wears a second skin which is a compression garment to give her sensory feedback through her body. A few weeks ago, she was in her standing frame watching the wiggles. I looked over and she was sort of leaning over in the standing frame, which is pretty normal for her when she gets tired. I checked her again and she was still the same so I went down to her.

She'd actually turned blue...she was non-responsive.

I took her out and took all her splints off. She was very limp. I had learned Ross's Recovery Technique and after three times of doing that she took a deep breath and started breathing again. Having something we can do when Talia experiences this kind of difficulty provides so much comfort for us, especially as the closest town with a Doctor is about 1 1/2 hours drive away - which is Augathella. I rang the Doctor after Talia's turn and we met him on the road in an ambulance and he took her into hospital. She was fine by that stage....she was quite happy.

I felt very confident after applying the Recovery move, and am thankful to have the move to use.


Louise, Talia's Mum

Augathella, Queensland, Australia

December 2011

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