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The 'newness' of Emmett

The 'newness' of Emmett

I stopped myself telling someone last week about the 'new' technique I was using to help people with pain and restricted movement. I realised that I have been saying this for the last nine years! Why am I still using the word 'new' to describe what I offer? I believe the answer is in the way we are encouraged during training to be the chameleon and provide treatment for the problems each client brings to the clinic on the day.

This , for me, keeps my work fresh and new, as every client will be different and will need a different approach, both in the hands-on treatment I provide and in the words I use to support their treatment.


Emmett Technique has a different approach to training students - there are few definite rules and minimal treatment 'routines' to follow. Instead we are encouraged to see and read what we need to do from how the client presents. This is very different from the set routines of other therapies I have previously learned.

I believe this is where the answer to my question lies about the 'newness' of Emmett Technique - it has liberated my thinking and set me free to see each client differently and work with them to achieve the outcome that they are looking for. Every day is a 'new' day, every client is a 'new' challenge and every treatment result is a 'new' experience.

Thank you Ross for freeing us all to become thinking effective practitioners.

Judith Johnson

Emmett Instructor and Practitioner

Uk, Spain

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