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Emmett in Singapore

Ross has just returned from his third visit to Singapore teaching therapists interested in the technique.

There were two notable events on this tour. The first is the fact that this time he taught modules 1-4 there for the first time so there is now a group of therapists qualified to practitioner level 4 between the Philippines, Singapore and Hong Kong.

The second important event was that Ross was given a unique invitation to teach Emmett to a group of 16 Physiotherapists working at the Rehabilitation Dept of the National University Hospital in Singapore.

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These physiotherapists came from different specialty areas of rehabilitation such as Childhood development, Cardio, Neuro, Musculoskeletal as well as post-operative and In-patients.

He was informed that this was the unique situation of a natural therapist being recognized by a Government Hospital and also a great opportunity to expose the Emmett technique to recognized medical institutions.

This meant that the course had to be presented in such a way as to fit their interests to give value for their potential use within the hospital. These physios are not in private practice, but employed by the Government Hospital so they have access to many patients that private physiotherapists would not normally have the opportunity to work with.

The Emmett principles are quite outside the standard approach for qualified therapists with detailed anatomical training. They were quite amazed at the power of such small touches on the body although they were more amazed at the way Ross could assess without asking any details. The most commonly asked questions were " How do you know these things? How did you know to go to that part of the body ? Is there any research being done on this?"

Although they did not ask lots of questions during class there were discussions during the breaks and they were very keen observers and listened well.

At the close of the course some first class treatments were given and we hope their enthusiasm flows onto all areas of their work in the hospital. It was a very good learning time for Ross also.

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