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Emmett Enthusiasts

Emmett Enthusiasts

Dear Emmett Enthusiasts,

First of all, a warm, extended hello and welcome back to Emm-Chat! It is my privilege to re-establish and re-connect you, our intrigued readers, with all of the fascinating success stories experienced by Emmett therapists and clients alike.

May I first take the opportunity to congratulate and hold in high
esteems our new instructors and tutors: _________________ welcome to the family! As the Emmett family grows we have been able to share the wonders of Emmett to more students worldwide, including to three new countries: Holland, Serbia and the United States.

As always, the Emmett Head Office in Townsville is a hive of activity. This year we can be expecting the arrival of the brand-spanking new Client Clinic days, Anchors and Reframing Course and Beyond the Seven A’s. Make sure to keep an eye out for these courses by reading the next Emm-Chat issue and visiting our website.

By the way... have you seen our new website? Isn't it just the bee’s knees? Many thanks to all who have contributed, with a special mention to Kris, Sharon and Nina for their dedication and efforts. Without you, our presence on the internet would be a gloomy day compared to the shining brilliance that it is now! As always, dear readers, your feedback as the viewer is most important. If you have any questions about navigating your way around our new website or wish to submit any further feedback, please do not hesitate to send us an email (contact details on the back).

Despite the twists and turns that I am sure we all experience as time passes, one thing remains constant in the world of Emmett Therapy: the benefits of giving people freedom from pain. Please continue reading as Cassandra, Lesley share their personal experiences.

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