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Clearing Double Vision!

Clearing Double Vision!

One of my Emmett clients who lives at Yorkeys Knob as I do, text me over a year ago about a neighbour that had had a fall off a push bike. She wanted to know if there was anything I could do to help. I really had no idea if I could, but she only lived around the corner from me so I popped over for a quick look.

The poor lady had been suffering double vision since the accident and just before I got there had been cutting up a carrot and cut the wrong carrot and had a massive gash on her hand, eek!! You don’t think of those thing do you. 

Anyway I spent about half an hour with her, gently adjusted her body back into shape from the fall off the bike and left, knowing that I had put her back into balance again, pushed all the appropriate Emmett buttons, hoping it was going to help her double vision. She said she felt a bit better which was a good feeling for me.

This lovely lady recently came in for her first appointment with me since I saw her at Yorkeys more than a year ago. She told me she had felt a bit better after I left that day at Yorkeys, but didn’t realise how much better until a few hours later when she started to walk down the stairs at the townhouses and could actually see every step.

How wonderful is that!!!!!!!!

I Love Emmett :)  I can not describe the feeling of knowing you assisted someone feel better, it’s like goosebumps, tingles & a warm rush wonder & awe all rolled into a moment of bliss. 

Rusty Boterhoek - Emmett Practitioner Cairns, QLD Australia

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