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Chrismas Surprise

Chrismas Surprise

I'm a Naturopath and have been working for 8 years in my own clinic. My clinical focus before I learnt Emmett Therapy in 2008 was : Acupuncture, Neural therapy (injections with local anaesteticum into special nerval/ or points of pain), Massage and other Therapies to stop pain or disharmony .

I first experienced the Emmett Technique during an EmmTech-Course in Feb. 2008 and from this time I incorporated the moves after massage in my treatments. After every Module learnt and with every revision I made, the quality of my treatments changed for the better. Now 85% of my clients, and on some days 95%, receive only Emmett needles, no injections to stop pain and discomfort, only in very special cases (some of my clients say: " I don't know what's more cruel...the needles or your fingers").

My clients know about my journey to Australia in January and they have given me a great deal of support because they know that when I come back, I will give my best knowledge to them and they realise the great gift of this Therapy. I am particularly proud of two of my clients who completed Module 6 in Oct. 2010 - they are not therapists but they have the passion to learn all and they feel the magic of this Therapy. It has been wonderful to see their development, and to know if I need a treatment there are two good therapists in my area, which is a great gift for me!!!

So the greatest gift we can make to all of our clients and ourselves is to really understand the possibilities and the magic of this Therapy!!!!! Wishing a wonderful Christmas-Time for all.

Astrid Christiane Haase, Therapist and Instructor of EMMETT THERAPY,

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