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We become a Student

We become a Student

Sometimes clients become our students

A regular client of mine suddenly went into an extreme back spasm whilst at home. It was so severe that she rang me for an emergency session. When I saw her she was white with pain and could hardly move.

The pain came in waves which reminded me of contractions, and she had to shallow pant to get through them. 15 minutes into the session she was more comfortable, with the sharpness and severity greatly reduced, but she was still with some pain and restriction. I sent her on her way wishing that I could have helped her more.

Later that day she sent me an email saying how much better she was feeling. A week later she returned in a much better state than previously but still not 100%. She was curious to know why her body did what it did. I knew there was a big psoas involvement and I asked her if she had been doing any activity that was one sided.

I showed her with the straight leg raise the difference between the two sides and both of us could feel that the left side was greatly restricted. I asked her what had she done to put stress on the left side of her body. She spent some time thinking back and then told me the story. She was pruning some high roses and her 3 year old grandson wanted to help, so she lifted him up onto her left hip and held him whilst she continued to prune. Together with me having cleared and balanced the psoas, and her having clarity about the cause of the spasms, she completely relaxed into a beautiful balanced state.

I received an email from her the next day and it simply said: "I am as free as a bird." Result!

Sue Gassick, Emmett Instructor, UK

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