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The Calming Effects of Emmett

The Calming Effects of Emmett

The recent flooding of Brisbane and Ipswich has left most people with a profound feeling of malaise and overwhelm. Whether the floods directly or indirectly affected them.

This is undoubtedly the case for the population in all regions that have experienced flooding and, more recently, cyclonic conditions.

Many of my clients who had arrived for treatments for aches and pains were also feeling ungrounded and sad. Subsequently, not only was their pain addressed, but also they experienced significant emotional improvement and reported feeling more ?clear-headed' and revitalised after their Emmett treatment.

For me, this is a reminder of the tremendous benefits which Emmett therapy provides, not only on a physical level but also mentally and emotionally.

What great "stuff" (Ross's term) and how lucky am I that I can help in this way!

Colleen Kelly, Emmett Instructor & Therapist

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