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The Beautiful Moment

The Beautiful Moment

the right TOUCH - TIMING - WORDS

During my recent EP1 course in Brisbane, I was so privileged to experience THE BEAUTIFUL MOMENT during a lymphatic treatment by Ross Emmett. During our training in The Emmett Technique, we have been taught of the importance of the right pressure applied in the touch, the right timing and the right wording during our treatments. Being able to read the body and become connected with the need of the client. Now I know what Ross has been talking about.

Two months ago I had surgery and I am still receiving post medical treatment. At our final training session in EP1, Ross wanted to demonstrate The Lymphatic treatment and asked me to get on the table for the class demonstration.

Ross being well aware of my medical condition did the most caring, gentle and connected dance I have ever experienced. The TOUCH - The TIMING - and The WORDS were so fine tuned to what my body and mind needed. Ross was reading my needs without me saying a single word. His touch, timing and words felt comforting and peaceful.

Never once did he interrupt the internal journey I was having. He let me have my journey and release of tears without analysing my inner physical and mental state. As Ross often says during our courses.

Tears of Joy! I will forever be grateful to Ross for giving me this true BEAUTIFUL MOMENT.

This connection between the practitioner and the client done by the right TOUCH - TIMING - WORDS has given me an even higher respect for what The Emmett Technique can accomplish when applied by a true master. I now realise what I want to become as a practitioner
A dancer within The Emmett Therapy.

My deepest gratitude.
Else Strom Vistisen, Emmett Therapist & Tutor, Singapore

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