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Romney Smeeton

Romney Smeeton

Umbilical Hernia Surgery & Lymph Drainage

Dear Ross,

2011 mar RomneySmeeton01I must write to you and tell you about something that happened to me recently. Four weeks ago I had an umbilical hernia repair operation, which was successful with no complications other than a degree of bruising that appeared in my lower abdomen.

The surgeon was surprised and said I would end up with a nice black bruise. My own doctor was also surprised at its appearance and took great care to examine the area to make sure there were no other complications and also said I would have a nice bruise as a souvenir of the operation.

Four days after the operation, Susanne suggested she do a Lymph drainage treatment for me because it might help generally after surgery. I woke up the morning after the treatment and 95% of all bruising had disappeared. I was disappointed because I wanted to have something to show for my one night in hospital – my big bruise.

2011 mar RomneySmeeton02If only more people knew of the fantastic help of this treatment in post-op-care – which is something you have often said. I certainly will be encouraging my patients who have had recent surgery to have similar treatment – when possible. Hope this finds you well

Yours in health
Romney Smeeton

"Romney suggests that Ross needs to have some Lymphatic drainage treatments too - so hopefully he can look like Romney!" Susanne Smeeton

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