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Raging Success

Raging Success

A little community Spirit goes a long way

I am still feeling the effects of The Festival of the Knob yesterday, over & over. It starts when feel the muscle pain in my body and fingers from the 40+ people I treated yesterday, closely followed by the exhilaration of treating 40+ people. Then I get the warm and fluffies because you always hope for a great outcome when you do something out of the ordinary but when you actually receive it, it is a cloud 9 moment.

I am still a little in awe over the whole thing. I set up put up all my signs, table and an extra 3 chairs. Then I had that moment when you feel like you are wearing your undies on the outside and thought are you kidding yourself that you think you will fill that area. The festival started and I stood there brochures in hand, packing myself feeling even more exposed wondering if anyone would even stop as they all walked by.

Then I treated one person one injury, then another, then I was full the whole day, chairs and table full & people standing in a line even at different stages. People just surrounded my tent watching, I didn't wee, didn't drink and didn't eat all day from 9 am till 4pm.

The donation tin to "leave a donation if I created change" was an awesome success. I didn't expect to make much money at all because it was more about getting my hands on as many people as I could for future business. I was so busy I wasn't seeing what people were putting in. the tin was full of gold coins and notes. RAGING SUCCESS

Rusty Boterhoek

And congratulations on you passion being recognized it her position of an Emm-tech tutor- Way to go Rusty!!!

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