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Emett Technique on Arthritis

A Study on the effectiveness of Emmett Technique on Arthritis

Lake Cathie Therapist, Bob March, is currently working with members of his local Arthritis Associa-tion to determine the effectiveness of the Emmett Technique on 'long-term' and severe suffers of Arthritis.

When we spoke with Bob he said that although he is not ready to write anything up as yet (he has a relatively small group participating in the study), they have reported such remarkable results so far that everyone was stoked. He hopes to have something written for the next issue of EmmChat. Bob said he initially received 5 participants in the study, and straight away discovered a bit of a problem with a couple of them wanting to own' their disease.

He has continued with 3 participants who have suffered from severe Arthritis for an average of 20 years. They have had 2 or 3 treatments, they now feel fantastic and can't believe the changes after such short a period. He said he gives them a general treatment with Emmett ... then finishes with the Emmett Lymphatic drainage from Module 6. He feels this creates the greatest improvement.

They cannot believe the impact of this simple/un-invasive treatment. The next day they can really feel the difference with 'the flushing of the system.'. He also went on to explain changes in urine etc. Bob did mention that he has asked them to make small dietary changes. no wheat, start the day with a fresh vegetable juice, increase their water intake and reduce all sugars.

He has been receiving phone calls from others associated with the Arthritis Assoc who are interested in the results and is having constant 'blogging' type conversations with some of the ladies involved. Thanks for the details Bob, we are looking forward to hearing more about your progress.

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