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Observations of Ross at Work

As people often ask what working with Ross is like, I would like to share some of my observations of his clinical approach - 'Enjoy', is the word that constantly flows throughout his clinic. It's the word that comes so effortlessly from Ross during the day, as he moves between patients. At the recent Instructors training I shared my personal journey.... One where I have been blessed to...

He Gives Me a Priceless Gift

The first time I ever saw him, in 2007, I was a struggling therapist, thinking about giving up therapy for good and sticking with my "day job". I heard about a Masterclass he was giving and decided that I might as well go, "just to see what this guy has to say". Within 15 minutes of arriving, I just knew that I had to do his course, even if it meant going to Australia to do it. Of course,...

Pain free for the first time

Thomas Williams Shares "Pain free for the first time"

My father James C. Williams has served the American army since 1965. Not freely but in order to escape the bad living conditions he had to suffer when he lived and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He got dangerously wounded several times during Vietnam-War. Not just physically most notably emotionally.When he returned back from war his mind was in a haze. He is suffering from lapses of memory,...

A spectators observation on Ross's 'A Move Too Many'

"A move too far"

The following Article was submitted by Debbie Kinley, who is the Emmett Therapies Co-ordinator in the United Kingdom. Debbie was one of those who attended the training in Zurich and was a witness to Ross's treatment of the German man with Multiple Sclerosis who presented following the training. Her observations are extremely moving and from accounts we have received from others who also...

Else Strom Vistisen

Testimonials from Else Strom Vistisen in Singapore

Else Strom Vistisen is the Co-ordinator for Emmett Therapies in Singapore. She is a fully qualified Emmett Practitioner and has passed on the following testimonials for us to share.. thanks Else A male patient in his mid fifties contacted me for a treatment 3 weeks ago, due to impingement of cervical nerves and with tingling and pain 7 running into his anterior Rt. shoulder and the Rt. thumb...

Colleen Kelley

Colleen Kelly - feedback from EP1 (new work)

Colleen Kelly, Emmett Practitioner Brisbane Australia, attending the first EP1 training day in Brisbane during November 2009. She sent us these testimonials on the results she has had already with the new work.... (thanks Colleen). I found the professional day very beneficial. The extra moves that Ross shared with us have helped me to fine-tune my treatments even more. Spinal balance move: A...


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