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Benefits of Learning

I have a client, a Builder, who comes 3-4 times a year with lower back and piriformis pain, extending down his hamstrings to the back of his knee. Up until I attended the EP level 1 this year, I had treated him with lower back, piriformis, sacrum /TFL & sciatica moves. Since learning EP1, I simply did the lower back move from EP1 which freed up his back beautifully. Thank you Ross.Rosie...

Benefits of Revision Courses

The benefits of participating in a revision course

The benefits of participating in a revision course After flying from Darwin for the revision course that was held in Melbourne in February, I found the course to be very informative and a whole lot of fun. I could not believe that I had been doing so much so wrong for so long and still was getting results! The revision course gave me the tools to perfect the moves to get even better results....

Claire Stone UK


For the Mod 3 course at Neals Yard in Covent Garden. My god it was BLOODY BRILLIANT!!!! I love it! It was a well structured and balanced 2 days, that has blown my mind again. I really appreciate your teaching and your approach to sharing this amazing technique. I have already used some of the new techniques we learnt on my husband and clients. I had a new client and could only fit her in for...

Mandi Taylor UK

Buzzing with energy

I was in Mold (in the UK) at your Emm Tech day in May. I have already found the moves have brought MIRACULOUS results to a few people I have tried them on. One being my sister who has rheumatoid arthritis. She is now SWINGING her arms over her head and buzzing with energy! The messages have all been Thank you ,thank you, thank you and I pass them on to you. The moves you did on me for balance...

Fiona Davies UK

Fiona Davies of Wales, UK, who is just about to book on a Mod 1-2 course

Hi! I recently had a 10 minute session with Judith (Bowen/ Emmet practitioner from S. Wales) at a holistic fair ...which gave me pain relief and manoeuvrability in my neck I have not had for more than 1 1.2 years (despite lots of Chiro treatments!). I have now had full session with her and am blown away. I am a Health Kinesiologist and also qualified as Journey Practitioner, Reflexology,...

The Lee Mule Story

The brilliance of Bowen Therapy

When Ross gave his address at the International Bowen Conference recently, he included as part of his presentation a testimonial by Lee Mules, one of his inspirational Australian clients. He highlighted the ideal use of Tom Bowen's Therapy as a relaxation and assessment base supporting the corrections and changes achieved by any modality. Lee's story appeared in the last issue of EmmChat......

Gardening Relief

What people are saying around the world

I've been working with the Emmett Technique for over 3 years now and I am constantly learning about its power and wide applications. I am a keen gardener and that means some days I am on my knees, bending and lifting for many hours at a time. By the end of the day, my back can be sore. But a quick self-application of Psoas 12th rib fixes it! Wonderful! I also got rid of the zigzag distortion...

Emm-Tech and Queensland Rail

The Emmett Technique - helping Queensland Rail achieve its 'Zero Work Injury Policy' under their Occupational Health and Safety program.

We introduced Debbie Keighran to you in the last issue of Emm-Chat. She is a Remedial Therapist in Townsville, North Queensland who runs an extremely busy practice which is frequented by elite sportspeople and professional athletes. Over the years Debbie has been very active as an Emm-Tech Tutor and now as an Emmett Technique Instructor. Debbie's most recent endeavour has been to commence some...

Tim Donehue

Tim Donehue, Emmett Therapies Instructor SA, VIC, TAS, WA

After my recent trip to Townsville (Blue water), quite a few things came to realization. As a therapist & teacher, I at times, have become quite blasé about what I have at my fingertips. Knowing that results can be a foregone conclusion with many people, I was failing to put enough value on what I have been lucky enough to have learned. The 'gems' that Ross have provided are so much more...

Singapore Success

Only 16 months ago we started advertising Emmett Module 1 and 2. October 2009 a small group completed Module 4 and by May 2010 we have the second group completing Module 4. Due to a very extensive interest in taking The Emmett Technique to higher level Module 5 and 6 will be conducted by Ross in August and October. The tip of the iceberg will be the follow up by the Professional Day EP1. Ross'...


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