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Your Testimonials

the best learning’s of the Emmett Technique

Ross give us the best learning’s of the Emmett Technique in modules 1 and 2

It was great to meet with you and Karen again in Cardiff. I really enjoyed the evening meals we shared with Lesley, Sue and Andy. I wanted to share with you the personal joy of taking part in Module 1 & 2. Some three weeks before the course in Cardiff, I had fallen downstairs and landed on my coccyx – bruising it badly. My own treatments were relieving some discomfort – but not enough...

The Calming Effects of Emmett

The recent flooding of Brisbane and Ipswich has left most people with a profound feeling of malaise and overwhelm. Whether the floods directly or indirectly affected them. This is undoubtedly the case for the population in all regions that have experienced flooding and, more recently, cyclonic conditions. Many of my clients who had arrived for treatments for aches and pains were also feeling...

Suzy McRae

On behalf of one of my clients I would like to thank you kindly for the ongoing wonders with how your technique enables me to assist my clients in making physical and psychological changes. I would like to share with you my client's story. My client had been suffering from a very painful case of planter fasciitis (my dyslexic brain can't spell) on and off for the past 20 years. Over the past...

Romney Smeeton

Umbilical Hernia Surgery & Lymph Drainage

Dear Ross, I must write to you and tell you about something that happened to me recently. Four weeks ago I had an umbilical hernia repair operation, which was successful with no complications other than a degree of bruising that appeared in my lower abdomen. The surgeon was surprised and said I would end up with a nice black bruise. My own doctor was also surprised at its appearance and took...

Lois Fernandez

I am continually amazed at the effective treatment that happens as a result of Ross's work (The Emmett Technique). There are many appreciative people in Toowoomba for the relief they have from a wonderful modality. Of course when the effect is not as successful as desired it is a challenge to find why. Continually learning!!! Many Many ThanksLois FernandezTherapist

Debbie Buck

One of our Irish students gave the following feedback at a course: "I have been treating my teenage daughter with another therapy for a persistent back problem for some time, and have also been using her to practice my new Emmett moves on. A couple of weeks ago, she asked for a treatment, as she was in pain. Just as I was about to start, she said "Do your new stuff... it's much...

We become a Student

Sometimes clients become our students

A regular client of mine suddenly went into an extreme back spasm whilst at home. It was so severe that she rang me for an emergency session. When I saw her she was white with pain and could hardly move. The pain came in waves which reminded me of contractions, and she had to shallow pant to get through them. 15 minutes into the session she was more comfortable, with the sharpness and severity...

The Beautiful Moment

the right TOUCH - TIMING - WORDS

During my recent EP1 course in Brisbane, I was so privileged to experience THE BEAUTIFUL MOMENT during a lymphatic treatment by Ross Emmett. During our training in The Emmett Technique, we have been taught of the importance of the right pressure applied in the touch, the right timing and the right wording during our treatments. Being able to read the body and become connected with the need of...

Emett Technique on Arthritis

A Study on the effectiveness of Emmett Technique on Arthritis

Lake Cathie Therapist, Bob March, is currently working with members of his local Arthritis Associa-tion to determine the effectiveness of the Emmett Technique on 'long-term' and severe suffers of Arthritis. When we spoke with Bob he said that although he is not ready to write anything up as yet (he has a relatively small group participating in the study), they have reported such remarkable...

Bladder Problems Relieved

In my mail from 25th Sept. 2010, there was a special case of one of my clients. Now she can feel the area between 12th rib and her feet. She can feel a flow in her entire body and does not experience pain in her sacrum-area (she has had this for 11 years). Following the bladder-move she can now control her bladder for more than 4 hours - before she had to go to the toilet twice every hour!!!...


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