Tom Bowen's Therapy

TBT 101 - Tom Bowen's Therapy

4 Day Basic Relaxation Assessment Course

  2 Day Optional Course (Available For Practitioners/Therapists Only)

The basic movements and philosophy of the late Tom Bowen's therapy can be taught in a six day course with personal instruction and notes provided.

The therapy is named after Tom Bowen, a self taught therapist from Geelong, Victoria, Australia. He was said to treat as many as 13,000 people per year with great results. His basic technique is the content of this course and Ross will endeavour to teach this to the best of his understanding of the therapy.

Ross has over 25 years of clinical practice using the technique, ten years as a Senior Instructor of Bowen Therapy plus explanations given to him by two of the original therapists trained by Tom Bowen. He believes this experience and explanations have given him a great understanding of the technique without being too far removed from the original source.

These courses will be delivered by qualified trainers with previous Bowen Therapy instructors training as well as instruction and knowledge of Bowen Therapy from Ross Emmett himself.

The therapy consists of a series of gentle moves, which allows the therapist the right to assess the muscle tissue for inconsistencies whilst giving the body opportunity to self correct and relax muscles. There is use of small time delays to give the brain time to re-evaluate the muscles. This results in a better muscle balance while creating a state of body relaxation. When the memory has trouble in recalling the state of muscle relaxation the therapist has the right to give further information to the body using specialised Bowen moves. If these are inadequate the therapist may select prior training to assist in the correction while working within the principles of both therapies.

A valued therapy for all ages from infants through to the elderly.

This course is aimed to provide the therapist with simple tools of assessment without placing the client's body in a state of discomfort, re-activating pain receptors or traumatising stretch receptors. All focus is on the client's comfort without creating further pain or discomfort.

Support for TBT101

TBT101 has been developed to bring Bowen therapy back to a simple format. Continual advancement and development is essential for the survival of any therapy but the basic principle and understanding should always be at the forefront. Let the jewel stand out on its' own and not be smothered by the wrapping.

That is what Ross Emmett has attempted to do with the support and encouragement from many respected therapists. Ross Emmett offers his special thanks to Heather Edmonds (Tom Bowen's daughter) and Romney Smeeton DC, Chiropractor who trained closely with Tom Bowen for five years and a good friend to Tom until his death.

The letters reproduced below are to encourage and empower those who embark on this training program.

Romney Smeeton DC

5 November 2004

I first met Ross Emmett at a conference in St Kilda in September 2003.

The more I talk with Ross and the more I see of his work, I'm convinced that, even though Ross has developed his own unique therapy and was using it well before is introduction to anything to do with Bowen work, he has an understanding and feeling for Tom's work that I believe is far greater than anyone I have met including those of us who actually watched Tom work.

When Ross came to Geelong to watch me work he was able to explain what I was doing and pick up the subtitles of what I did in things that even I was unaware of. I count myself very privileged that in my lifetime I have had exposure to two two very gifted healers - Tom Bowen was one and Ross Emmett is the other.

Even after practising for 27 years following Tom's work I'm now again excited by all the learning that there is still to do.

"...I consider that your feeling for and understanding of Tom's work exceeds even those of us who had the good fortune to observe his work..."

"...I count myself very privileged that in my lifetime I have had exposure to two very gifted healers - Tom Bowen was one and Ross Emmett is the other..."

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