The changes we have noticed after 3 sessions are fantastic

7 year old Abbie

" My daughter Abbie is 7 years old and has complex needs. She has low tone , poor balance and sensory processing disorder. She cannot talk, sit, crawl, stand or walk without assistance. She has the developmental age of a 1-year-old and so needs assistance with all her daily activities. Abbie has only shown interest in moving about independently in the last couple of years but although she now wishes to crawl on her own she is unsafe to do so and regularly loses her balance and headbutts the floor.

I attended the 1-day EmmTech course with Claire and after seeing the results asked her to come and see Abbie to see if she could help with her balance issues. Claire has seen Abbie for three sessions of Emmett so far. In that time she has helped with so much more than her balance. Claire felt that Abbie's upper body and lower body were not communicating properly and that Emmett could improve these paths of communication to help her with her movement.

Abbie's right side is weaker than her left and she almost seemed unaware of her right arm and hand. It just used to dangle or get left behind. Now she is bringing it into use so much more. Although not yet used for functional activities she is much more aware of it and can clap her hands, use it to push things (often her toothbrush!) away and seek out things to touch.
Due to her low tone, Abbie leans to the right side in sitting and standing. Since seeing Claire she is sitting and standing straighter and many people have said that she looks like she has grown, even though she hasn't actually got any taller.
Her crawling is also improving. For the last 6+ years, we have practised crawling with her, and she has never been able to master it, but in the last few weeks she seems to have got the hang of reciprocal crawling. She still needs assistance but she is initiating the correct pattern, which is the initial building block, and something I had all but given up on happening.

I don't really understand how it works, but I know that since Claire has introduced Emmett to Abbie, she seems to have taken a step forward. The changes we have noticed after only 3 sessions are fantastic and I have high hopes for what she may be able to achieve in the future. "

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