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Demand at the recent Could What You're Wearing Be Wearing You Out? Seminar held in the Sunshine coast will see more training of its kind coming to the region.

At the recent workshop held for members of the ATMS (Australian Traditional

Medicine Society) Ross Emmett presented a full day focusing on how practitioners can identify common clothing issues which create recurring pain, how to assess and also how to simply correct the created problem. The seminar included Ross's internationally presented public talk "Could What You're Wearing Be Wearing You Out?"

The session was held on May 17 at Mantra Mooloolabah on Queenslands Sunshine Coast, Australia, with 84 allied health professionals in attendance - including Massage Therapists, Acupuncturists, Reflexologists, Homeopaths and Naturopaths.

The full day seminar explored the idea that common clothing items were causing pain to recur even after attending a variety of usually effective remedial therapies.

Among the topics covered were:-

1. 'Could what you're wearing be wearing you out?' talk covering some of the negative impacts of certain clothes and accessories, common symptoms of pain and discomfort experienced, the types of clothing culprits to be on the lookout for, and how to simply and easily overcome these problems with simple but specific moves Emmett Therapists learn.

2. How to incorporate the use of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to enhance client outcomes.

3. Excerpts from Emm-Tech short course.

Common culprits discussed included shoes, bras, belts, watches, baby suits, ties and socks.

"Therapists should remember that it's not just about their therapy. The good result they achieve can be quickly undone just by the clothes and accessories their client chooses to wear. As a therapist, beware that you are not foregoing your therapy or losing your self- belief when all your results maybe negated purely by clients selection of clothing or accessories," Ross said.

ATMS said it was the largest group of members to attend an ATMS seminar to date, demonstrating an overwhelming interest in the emerging therapy of Emm-Tech and Emmett Technique.

In introducing the hot topic that your clothes could be causing your recurring pain, Ross described how he developed the shorter Emm-Tech course for non-practitioners which was now receiving 'acclaim' throughout Europe, UK and Asia.

"Emm-Tech came from watching outback clients come into my clinic after days of pain and hours of travel, only to have a very small, simple release create the changes that were necessary. Emm-Tech is my first aid kit of easy muscle releases for people to help themselves or others. This saves them travel and time out for treatment."

Among the cases he examined during the day was Allan, a man who was under physiotherapy care after breaking his neck many years ago.

Allan told Ross that he needed to stretch every morning in order to maintain any ability to turn his head.

During that section of the workshop, Ross asked Allan to demonstrate his limited range of motion. Ross then performed the simple SCM move (taught in the Emmett Technique for practitioners and in the Emm-Tech short course) which instantly released the restrictions. Ross explained to the members that, as practitioners they should be aware of possible culprits (being glasses, ties and tight shirt buttons).

Ross asked Allan to repeat the demonstration which showed the technique had been 100% effective and the restrictions removed in less than a minute with a simple, one finger move.

Next Ross invited Peter to the front. Peter had experienced severe knee and heel pain for years. Ross demonstrated the Gastroc move, a lower leg release which is commonly used to relieve pain discomfort and oedema. Immediately after the simple move was completed, Peter was able to demonstrate that he could now kneel freely without any pain. Again - results in less than two minutes, with minimal effort.

Next on the list was arm problems in which a lady with an elbow problem volunteered. She demonstrated how she was unable to lift her arm without pain and restriction in her shoulder. Ross also demonstrated that she had very little forearm strength.

Ross gave a 3 minute demonstration of an Emmett shoulder move which gave instant relief and restored movement..

Turning to the effects of bras, Ross found a lady whose shoulder pain and restriction was caused by tight straps. With a minor correction to both her arm and bra straps, the woman was able to demonstrate proper and pain free shoulder rotation.

Another common culprit is the watch, particularly for men. Ross called upon a man whose shoulder soreness was due to wearing a rather large and heavy watch. Once Ross demonstrated a 3 min sequence, he regained full strength and no pain/aching in the shoulder. The man was so impressed his watch went into his pocket and stayed there all day.

Glasses are another commonly overlooked villain of pain. Ross pointed out how the arms of glasses that hook around the ear, often sat differently on one side, pushing into the side of the skull. Ross identified the problem with one man he called upon. "This causes restriction in neck movement, resulting in not being able to turn his head fully,'' he said.

Ross made the simple correction, and in front of the amazed audience the man was able to move his head to full rotation from either side.

Following the success of this seminar and the positive way in which the ATMS Practitioners embraced demonstrations of the Emmett Technique, more training has been scheduled for the Sunshine Coast area with Modules 1 & 2 to be held in Nambour on 22nd & 23rd August - keep your eye on the website for new course dates in the near future.