EMMETT Technique International Conference 2018.

EMMETT Technique International Conference 2018.

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who attended the EMMETT Technique International Conference 2018.

The weekend was an amazing learning experience but most of all touching. Not only did we have Students, Practitioners, Instructor and Tutors but it was also a pleasure to have Ross’s family and close friends attend. Many of who attended were very thankful for this as they got to hear stories from Ross’s Children, Nicole, Shawn and Lindsay of what he was like as a dad and stories from Ross’s siblings Lynn, Lionel and Alan of what Ross was like growing up. There were many of stories told throughout the Conference from Practitioners, Instructors, Researches, Supporters, Family and Friends, many that involved laughter and also stories that were very touching and meaningful to most people who attended. 

It was our first Conference to be held in Australia and we were very proud to be able to hold it in the beautiful North Queensland. Over the week we had held 4 courses. First course was EP6, second course was the beyond 7’AS, third course was Instructor training and Fourth course was EMMETT 4Horses L1. We had an incredible turnout for all of the courses. Thank you again for everyone who attended was a pleasure meeting you all. 

Kind Regards, Kelsey (Ross’s Granddaughter)   

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