Better Quality of Life

John Charles

"My Nephew fell off a ladder 2 years ago which resulted a broken back and damaged nerves. He had operations to insert rods into his spine and spent 7 months in a specialist spinal unit. Although he can walk, he has very little feeling from chest downwards and unable to carry out toilet activities the natural way. NHS has given up on him and he asked for EMMETT Therapy."

"Last week I did my first EMMETT therapy on him, concentrating with light pressure on various back muscles. His feedback the next day was 'Best nights rest in ages, plus the pain where they operated has gone'. Although this lasted only a few days, I am not disheartened as that was a major break through for him."

"Today, I concentrated on all hip/pelvis movements, finishing off with hamstrings. As he walked to lock in, he stopped and said 'OMG, I can feel my calf muscles extremely loose and my feet are starting to get warm'."

"I am confident that EMMETT therapy will assist his body to repair itself gradually,and give him a better quality of life. Once again, Thank you EMMETT Therapy."

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