Are you curious but not sure if Emmett is for you?


After a few nudges from the Universe, I made contact with Tony Sherry for further information on Emmett 4 horses course. In no time at all had enrolled in the short taster day and very soon after started on the full Practitioner for horses course.

Not coming from a Therapist background I was more than a little concerned I would be out of my depth from the lack of technical terms and names of the muscle groups. Well, Tony soon put my worries into a box never to see the light of day again! He simply explained that to treat horses with Emmetts they did not matter, but that we should use our eyes and inner voice to read the 'book' in front of us. Being able to treat horses with Emmett therapy is such a joyful experience.

Tony's infectious enthusiasm, entwined with his honest memories and feelings of his own journey with Emmetts resonated constant reassurance in all of us on the course. Not wanting this experience to end and enjoying treating horses so much I have now found myself enrolled onto a human course.

I have noticed a great difference in myself which is leading to a long overdue career change. I have more confidence now which is down to Tony giving me the 'tool' to do it with, and that is 'self-belief'.

Thank you, Tony and I can't wait to continue with my Emmett learning."

After taking that first step with the introductory class, Catherine now finds herself opening up to a whole new direction in her career. Emmett changes lives in more ways than you can imagine.

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