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There is growing excitement about the results that the Emmett Technique creates and this has inspired research to document its effectiveness. There are research and data collection projects currently being undertaken in Australia and throughout the world.

The latest research project is an international data collection project called "Degrees of Difference". Enthusiastic Emmett Practitioners from all over the globe have welcomed the worldwide team effort and are actively collecting data that is being collated by the Australian Head Office.  Other projects include:


Emmett Technique versus the Foam Roller Research - BSc Honors student recently submitted this research as part of her degree at Queens University Belfast.  Rugby union players were separated into 3 groups:  Emmett Technique, foam roller and control.  Significant increase (70%) in range of movement was shown when using the Emmett Technique, and foam rollering was shown to have no significant effect.  Click here to read the full report.

EMMETT Practitioner Course

EMM-Tech Short Course

Emmett at the 2016 Cardiac Challenge

Cardiac Challenge background

The Cardiac Challenge is a fundraising bike ride from Cairns to Cooktown in Queensland, Australia. This year, three hundred and fifty riders participated in the three-day, 333 kilometre trek to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Challenge.

Emmett Therapy at the Mareeba Garden Settlement Aged-Care Facility

Emmett Therapies received a report in April 2006 from the Director of Nursing at the Mareeba Garden Settlement Aged Care Facility. Text and data from the original report is reproduced (in italics) in the following article.

The EMMETT Technique in Action - Cairns to Karumba Bike Ride

The Cairns to Karumba Fundraising Bike Ride is an annual event that has been run over the pastThe Cairns to Karumba Fundraising Bike Ride is an annual event that has been run over the past22 years and was held again in 2017. This epic bike ride was supported by five EMMETTTherapists, Rusty Allen, Heather Clapham, Megan McQuillan, Jane Yeates and Fiona Phillips-Turner, who provided support to riders and volunteers over the seven-day event. Read more below...


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